• power

    +2.1 kWat 9500 rpm

  • torque

    +2.7 at 7250 rpm

  • weight

    -2.9 kg

    This is a hexagonal muffler design constructed from lightweight titaniumwith a carbon-fibre outer sleeve, endcap, and heatshield. The distinctive Akrapovič sound has a deeper tone. The entry level in exhaust tuning offers improved torque and power throughout the whole rev range. The muffler is smaller than stock to offer a more striking and sporty appearance, and it weighs approximately 40% less than the standard exhaust. It is EC- and ECE-compliant, there is no need for remapping, and it has a simple plug-and-playinstallation.There are optional headers for improved torque and power in the mid range and high end of the power curve. If used with optional headers, remapping is needed.

Akrapôvic Slip on Carbon GSXR1000

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