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Akrapôvic HONDA AFRICA TWIN คอฟลู
  • Akrapôvic HONDA AFRICA TWIN คอฟลู

    Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin 2017

    Optional Header (SS)


    • POWER

      +3.4kWat 7700 rpm

    • WEIGHT


    • TORQUE

      +7.2Nmat 4500 rpm


    Designed for riders that want to get the most from their Akrapovič Slip-On Line–equipped Africa Twins. Made from perfectly finished stainless steel, these optional headers are an easy-to-fit performance upgradethat will provide power gains right through the rev range, especially when fitted to the open version, where the increases are very impressive. When combined with either Slip-On Line exhaust, the complete system delivers an enhanced sound that makes the beating heart of the Africa Twin sound superb.

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