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Arai Classic-Mod

CLASSIC MOD stand out are high quality, such as the standards in terms of wearing ease, comfort, and safety.
In the bike's Cafe. Shopping by bike.
Life in fashion's favorite little city ride.
While watching the bikes in the street talking about companions and good items and bikes.
Bliss a little daily time ally safety performance and other who finished in stylish in looks drop-dead different "CLASSIC" mod.
Compact and penetration testing, boasting high enough to clear the 3 m Snell standards of equivalent safety performance.
Ecopurer Interior leather in addition to pushing fully classical with antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-fouling capabilities, more comfort, safety and high quality pursuing next-generation ally classic series is born!

■ surpass JIS standard penetration test is ally your own material "Super fiber" using shell (hat body) compact and light-weight, while safety performance to clear the 3 m Snell standards equivalent of penetration testing.
■ ecopure Interior reviewed the size settings easier to cover, the pursuit of comfort, improved antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-fouling capabilities. Comfortable interior specification on top of Ali logo embroidered or leather classic aura.
■ standard: based on JIS
Shell: CLC
Interior: ecopurer Interior (antibacterial, deodorization, antifouling)



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