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Akrapôvic Ducati Scrambler '16
  • Akrapôvic Ducati Scrambler '16

    Ducati Scrambler
    Icon/Urban Enduro/Classic/Full Throttle 2016
    Slip-On Line (Titanium)
    at 8350 rpm
    at 3950 rpm
    Constructed using high-grade titanium, the type-approved Slip-On Line exhaust will provide a solid power gain across the rev range, especially from 6,800 rpm onwards. The use of race-inspired materials will also reduce weight, leading to improved handling and manoeuvrability. With a new shaped pre-muffler in stainless steel, there is also a catalytic converter to make it ECE- and EC-approved. Using specially designed mufflers, with their origins in the racing world with Grand Prix–inspired twin conical pipes, and black-coated outer sleeves, this exhaust really means business.

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