roduct introduction EXTRA SHIELD, the special mirror coat is above all of the features that will be cut 99% of the ultraviolet rays. mirror is a shield tend distortion of the field of view without any, is the shield that will be effective in reducing eye strain due to the light. glistening sense of mirror shield specific appearance is kept to a minimum, thorough pursue effect as a mirror shield try to "adult Shield" EXTRA SHIELD by all means. base paint to be used in the Foreign-made mirror shield. This base paint, the reflection of the shield, can cause distortion of vision. It does not require an underlying paint the hands of skilled craftsmen, achieving a special mirror coating. Purely because it has deposited the only mirror coating, distortion of vision, and success in reducing eye strain. Cut-off and phase Mari of ultraviolet by the mirror coating, I effective in long-term use. Also, to achieve a natural vision and by changing the color outside the visual field is gradually changing gradient. Color was also calm while vivid texture has become a feature. also ultraviolet rays not only glare friendly eyes 99% cut. The manufacturer genuine shield used to base a trusted. minimize the distortion of vision in a special mirror coatings, to reduce eye strain. water-repellent coating adopted. Mirror coated smooth surface will play the moisture. ALL made in Japan relief. It is produced daily by reliable technology that has been cultivated in the glasses. Please wipe with a soft cloth when please refrain wiping Use of chemical compounds at the time of attention maintenance of Usage. Please refrain from use of the rain because there is a possibility of mirror deposition.

Extra Semi RED RX7X - RX7V

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